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Why join IWLCARecruits?

Take Control of Video

With unlimited video uploads and in-platform highlight reel builder, start making the most of your video. Upgrade to Pro to unlock an all-access pass to film from 20+ recruiting events, plus get one professional reel built each year.

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Maximize Your Exposure

IWLCARecruits is home base for 1,200+ collegiate women's lacrosse coaches. With a student-athlete profile and video on IWLCARecruits, your recruiting process is in motion 24/7.

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Focus on Finding Your Fit

The recruiting process can be overwhelming. IWLCARecruits features were built to streamline your efforts and give you insight into where you stand in the process.

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The official digital recruiting network of the Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA).

We’ve teamed up with SportsRecruits to build a better recruiting process for athletes and families, club and HS staff, and college coaches through a more connected, technology-driven experience.

Take Control of Video

Video has become an integral part of the recruiting process. It allows college coaches to discover new talent, watch events they missed in person, and re-evaluate recruits anytime, anywhere. IWLCARecruits is built around video, giving you all the tools you need to show coaches your skills.

Film access to top events

Get game film from all IWLCA events, and 20+ top recruiting events, when you upgrade to IWLCARecruits Pro. As soon as it’s available, film is delivered straight to your account for use on your profile and in highlight reels, and for college coaches to view on-demand.

Highlight reels

Our in-platform Highlight Reel Builder allows you to quickly and easily produce and publish unlimited reels, with any video you upload. With a Pro account, you’ll receive one professionally built highlight reel including a title card, isolation effects, and optional soundtrack.

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Unlimited video storage

To truly evaluate a student-athlete, coaches need access to both highlight reels and full game film. With unlimited video uploads and storage, plus the option to embed from YouTube, Hudl, and Vimeo, you’ll have all the space you need to show off your skills.

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Access to top event film built-in.

Get game film from major recruiting events across the country delivered straight to your video library.

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A better way to access film.

Getting event film shouldn't be complicated. We've set out to simplify the process, building a world where every student-athlete and college coach can access film in one location. Even more, we're working to make that film smarter, tying roster and student-athlete information to each game, ensuring college coaches will always know who they're watching.

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Maximize Your Exposure

IWLCARecruits is where recruiting happens. Keep your profile complete and up-to-date and college coaches will land on your profile as they search the athlete database, watch game film on-demand, or see you make a great play at a recruiting event.

Everything a coach needs

An IWLCARecruits profile houses everything a college coach needs to start evaluating you in one, up-to-date location. From athletic stats and video, to academic and contact information, our profiles were built to college coach specifications and optimized for their evaluation process.

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Get discovered

From the discover feed, to the coaches books at events, to the on-demand film library, IWLCARecruits profiles fuel the discovery tools college coaches use to find new recruits. Increase your visibility with a complete student-athlete profile and video to showcase your talent.

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Information in-sync

IWLCARecruits data powers coaches books at major recruiting events across the country, including all IWLCA events. This connection puts you in control of your information, ensuring accuracy from IWLCARecruits, to the event sideline.

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Be Seen. Get Recruited.

Join 1,200+ collegiate women’s lacrosse coaches on the IWLCA’s official digital recruiting platform.

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Focus On Finding Your Fit

Concentrate on what matters - keeping up your grades, staying on top of your game, and finding your dream school. Don’t worry about tracking down coach contact info, or keeping tabs on who’s got your latest transcript. Our tools were built to help you tackle those tasks efficiently and let you focus on the big picture.

Advanced research tools

The recruiting process isn’t just about finding a program that fits athletically - you need to find your academic and social fit as well. Narrow down colleges and universities based on the criteria that are important to you. Stay organized with your favorites and target list.

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Every college, a click away

From DI to DIII, PAC-12 to NESCAC, every college coach has access to IWLCARecruits. Upgrade to Pro and reach out to any coach in the country with just a few clicks. No digging up contact info, no added attachments to upload or keep track of.

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See what's happening

Receive real-time email and text notifications anytime a college views your profile, video, transcript and more. Upgrade to Pro and get transparency into which colleges are scouting you.

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More transparent, more efficient, more manageable.

The recruiting process is stressful enough. Get the tools to help make the most of your efforts.

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All Features


Student-Athlete Profile to host all recruiting information

Video Library with unlimited uploads and embeds

Highlight Reel Editor with unlimited publishing

Real-time activity feed with anonymous view tracking and notifications

Advanced school search

Favorite schools and target list


Access to film from 20+ recruiting events

See who's viewing your profile, video, and more

In-platform Messaging System

One professional highlight reel each year

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Built On Experience

We’ve teamed up with SportsRecruits to power the underlying technology and customer support infrastructure of IWLCARecruits. Since 2008, SportsRecruits has been the trusted software of thousands of athletes and coaches to help drive their recruiting efforts. This collaboration delivers a feature-rich, reliable, and secure experience for all users.

Together with SportsRecruits, we will look to help coaches and prospective student-athletes connect in a multitude of ways, all with the bottom line of making a great recruiting experience.
Lizy Robertshaw Photo
Liz Robertshaw
Executive Director, IWLCA
SportsRecruits Logo
The IWLCA continues to push for more access for women’s lacrosse athletes and has been at the forefront of using technology to make their coaches’ lives easier. We're excited to develop more recruiting tools to make that vision a reality.
Chris Meade Photo
Chris Meade
Co-CEO + Co-Founder, SportsRecruits
IWLCARecruits Powered by SportsRecruits

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Who is IWLCARecruits built for?

Our platform is built for everyone in the women's lacrosse recruiting process - student-athletes and families, club and high school coaches and staff, and college coaches. Each side of the process has its own challenges, and we're working to create tools to tackle them all.

Why did you launch IWLCARecruits?

From ensuring college coaches have reliable athlete data, to giving student-athletes a platform to maximize their exposure, we believe technology has tremendous potential to transform the recruiting process. By putting the right tools into everyone's hands, we hope to create a more accessible and successful process for all.

Is IWLCARecruits free to use?

All student-athletes will be able to create a free IWLCARecruits account, with access to a profile, video tools, and school research tools. Upgrading to IWLCARecruits Pro will unlock additional recruiting tools including access to the event film library, messaging system, and one highlight reel credit per year.

Why should I join IWLCARecruits?

IWLCARecruits is the official digital recruiting platform of the IWLCA. The student-athlete profiles on IWLCARecruits will power all on-site evaluations at IWLCA events, and many other top events, serving as the main source to discover and evaluate recruits.

What does "powered by SportsRecruits" mean?

We're partnering with SportsRecruits to provide the technical and support infrastructure of IWLCARecruits. This partnership ensures a feature-rich, reliable, and secure product for all of our users. When you have questions, the SportsRecruits Customer Success team will be ready to help.

How does event film access work?

IWLCARecruits Pro subscriptions include free access to event film from over 20 of the nation’s top women’s lacrosse recruiting events. Once film is available from a participating event, student-athletes with a Pro subscription will receive the games they played in delivered directly to their video library. Event film can then be published directly to profiles or used to create clips in highlight reels. Film will not be available for direct download.

Can I buy additional event film?

Only film from the select events listed here are included at no additional cost with an IWLCARecruits Pro subscription. There may be additional event film packages available for purchase in the "Available" tab of your IWLCARecruits profile. Learn more here.