Introducing IWLCARecruits

Launching Spring 2021, IWLCARecruits is the new digital home base for women’s collegiate lacrosse recruiting.

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One recruiting process.
One platform.

We believe the recruiting process can and should be better. Student-athletes deserve to feel empowered to pursue their dreams of playing college lacrosse, and college coaches deserve to have access to robust information and video of every prospective student-athlete. We're striving to create a better recruiting experience for athletes and families, club and HS staff, and college coaches.


Find your dream school.

As an athlete, finding a school that fits you - academically, athletically, financially, and socially - is the ultimate goal. Our tools allow families to stay focused on the big picture by empowering them to manage the recruiting process more efficiently and successfully.

Recruiting profile + view tracking

School search + discovery tools

Connect with any college coach in one click

Intuitive highlight reel creator

Access to all IWLCA event film

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College Coaches

Discover your next recruit.

With every student-athlete on one platform, IWLCA member coaches can efficiently find, track, and evaluate prospective student-athletes. Onsite at recruiting events, IWLCA member coaches will use EventBeacon to access accurate and complete athlete information.

Athlete discovery + evaluation tools

Reliable, accurate athlete profiles

Data syncing with EventBeacon app

Integrates with CRMs such as FrontRush + Arms

Access to all IWLCA event film

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Club + HS Coaches

Maximize your efforts.

Student-athletes rely on guidance from their club and high school coaches. Our tools make it easier than ever for club and high school coaches to stay on the same page as their student-athletes.

Transparency into every athlete's process

Connect with any college coach in one click

Tools to guide athletes' target lists + focus

Share video from any source across teams

Access to all IWLCA event film

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A connected event experience.

Complete and accurate information on every student-athlete onsite, access to film post-event, and constant data communication throughout the process - IWLCARecruits keeps everything in sync no matter where you are.

Information in sync

Athletes maintain their profiles on IWLCARecruits which then flow into EventBeacon, the on-site evaluation app of IWLCA Recruiting Events. This constant connection ensures athletes are always in control of their information. Before, during, or after an event, college coaches have the most accurate and up-to-date data.

IWLCA event video access

Video unlocks opportunity for athletes to be scouted long after the final whistle blows. It’s a vital part of today's recruiting process, and it’s why IWLCA event film will be available to members. Athletes can create reels and post footage to their profiles, while college coaches can access events with side-by-side rosters and evaluation tools.

Built on experience.

We’ve teamed up with SportsRecruits to power the underlying technology of IWLCARecruits. Since 2008, SR has been the trusted software of thousands of athletes and coaches to help drive their recruiting efforts. This collaboration ensures a feature-rich, reliable, and secure experience for all users.

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Together with SportsRecruits, we will look to help coaches and prospective student-athletes connect in a multitude of ways, all with the bottom line of making a great recruiting experience.
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Liz Robertshaw
Executive Director, IWLCA
SportsRecruits Logo
The IWLCA continues to push for more access for women’s lacrosse athletes and has been at the forefront of using technology to make their coaches’ lives easier. We're excited to develop more recruiting tools to make that vision a reality.
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Chris Meade
Co-CEO + Co-Founder, SportsRecruits
IWLCARecruits powered by SR

Launching Spring '21

We’re not ready quite yet, but we’re excited for you to join us soon. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear them! Please reach out to


Why are you launching this platform?

From ensuring college coaches have reliable athlete data to giving athletes a platform to maximize their exposure, we believe technology has tremendous potential to transform the recruiting process. By putting the right tools into everyone's hands we hope to create a more accessible and successful process for all.

Who is IWLCARecruits built for?

Our platform is built for everyone in the women's lacrosse recruiting process - student-athletes and families, club and high school coaches and staff, and college coaches. Each side of the process has its own challenges, and we're working to create tools to tackle them all.

What does "powered by SportsRecruits" mean?

We're partnering with SportsRecruits to provide the technology and technical support infrastructure of IWLCARecruits. This collaboration ensures a feature-rich, reliable and secure experience for all of our users.

How does access to IWLCA event video work?

Any film recorded at an IWLCA event beginning in the spring of 2021 will be free for member college coaches to access through IWLCARecruits. Student-athletes with a membership, either individually or through their club, will have full access to footage to create highlight reels and publish film to their profiles.

Is IWLCARecruits free to use?

All student-athletes will be able to create a free IWLCARecruits account, with access to a profile, video tools, and school research tools. The paid membership will unlock additional recruiting tools including access to the IWLCA event film library. Club and HS staff will have the opportunity to trial full staff and athlete functionality. For college coaches, access to the platform is completely free.

I’m an athlete or club/HS staff with a current SR women’s lacrosse membership. What happens when IWLCARecruits launches?

When we go live, all women's lacrosse users on SportsRecruits will have a seamless transition to the IWLCARecruits platform. You will not experience any interruption in your service and all historical data and activity will remain intact in your account.